Appa Appa Appa

Struggling to raise his children after his wife's death, Mr. Cho, a Korean immigrant, works two jobs back to back. With barely enough money to feed his family, his problems deepen when his wife's gambling debt returns to haunt him.



Official Selection 2021 Peekskill Film Festival  - 2021

Official Selection Loudoun Arts Film Festival - 2021

Official Selection Exit 6 Film Festival - 2021

Official Selection Bushwick Film Festival - 2021


Best Performance award - Exit 6 Film Festival - 2021 Phil Nee for his role Appa/Mr.Cho

Best Student Film -  Loudoun Arts Film Festival 2021


Best Short Over 10 Mins - The Peekskill Film Festival - 2021  

Best Director Student Film - Loudoun Arts Film Festival 2021